Back from vacation and ready with a new list of essential freeware apps

It’s good to be home – we vacationed a long weekend in Chelan, WA, visiting friends with a new baby. 

So I saw this post in a TechRepublic newsletter:

It’s a list by George Ou of favorite freeware he puts on customers’ PCs when he sells them.

I personally think a PC should not come loaded.  However, this difference aside, it’s a good list.  And I would add that I would not sell a PC without an antivirus solution.  I don’t sell PCs (only one to date, and another if you want it – just ask) because I’m an enterprise tech, but on the one I recently sold, I loaded AVG.  Before you start the war over AVG, I would add that I’m a very conservative surfer, and I don’t use P2P downloading.  That being said, I don’t use a heavy-duty A/V solution because I rarely use anything questionable.  So anyway, I’ve never had malware troubles since I adopted my conservative surfing/downloading habits.  Still, AVG is a good solution, but I would say that if you spend 3 hours a day on BitTorrent, you need something a little heavier.  Sophos is good (we use that at our company), Kaspersky is good, Norton/McAfee are not.

Anyway, I’d sure love to hear your rants about AVG, or your list of freeware you like.  Give me some feedback here if you get a chance.

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