Leap Year Mathematics

So this isn’t DIRECTLY technology-related, but if you’re a programmer or math person, you will probably appreciate this. 

Assuming you get paid each Friday, only once every 28 years do you get a leap year like this one – a leap year in which there are 5 paydays in February.

Normally, years ending in 00 can’t be leap years – this would result in one 56-year gap between 5-Friday Februaries every 800 years. However, any year ending in 00 IS a leap year when divisible by 400.

If my algorithm is solid, every year which would result in a 56-year gap seems that it would fall on a year divisible by 400. So it seems there will never be a 56-year gap between 5-Friday Februaries. Correct me if that math is wrong; I’m just musing now. =)

Enjoy your 5-payday month (or 3 if you’re on biweekly).


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