So You Wanna Break Into IT? (Part 5 – Learn, Learn, Learn)

I can learn and get paid for it.  IT thrives on information (see Part 3 regarding the flux and change of the IT field), and you need information if you are going to be a good IT pro.


In a prior (non-IT) position I held, I was once told by a superior that “I hadn’t really tapped the knowledge available to me” (or something close to that).  The problem was, the knowledge she spoke of wasn’t actually available to me.  She wanted me to know, but didn’t give me time to learn on the clock, or opportunities to access well-organized information about my field.


I don’t dislike that supervisor – I have tremendous professional respect for her, and she was partially responsible for my current success.  But in contrast to that situation, when I am not working on trouble requests, I now spend quite a bit of time reading tech blogs, trade magazine articles, certification books, Wikipedia, and the like (in fact, I’m trying to get an appointment set up at a test center to take a certification exam this afternoon).  It’s a beautiful thing, because I love learning, and I need to keep up my skills (and learn new ones).


I really think that if you allow an employee reasonable freedom to learn about their job and opportunities to access the information, you will groom your employee for success.  And if you are self-motivated and would like a job where you had to dig up information and learn it quickly, IT might be a good fit for you.

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One Comment on “So You Wanna Break Into IT? (Part 5 – Learn, Learn, Learn)”

  1. mrtraffic Says:

    I know exactly what you’re saying as far as “She wanted me to know, but didn’t give me time to learn on the clock”. As an engineer I am constantly forced to research and read on “my” time in order to keep up with technology. It was nice to read about someone in the same boat.

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