Tips for handling end-user blunders with finesse

Bill Detwiler published a great post on TechRepublic last week on this topic.  And since I’m exceptionally busy right now (I’m working full time, in school full time, writing an article on rural e-commerce, have a wife and a 7-month-old, and am trying to learn golf), these last few posts have been referrals to other blogs that catch my eye.  They can usually say it better than I can anyhow. =)

So here’s a link to the post, and a preview too: “If you spend any time in IT, odds are you’re going to run across a few shocking examples of computer mistreatment. End users, even well-intentioned ones, can do some pretty wacky things when trying to “fix” their computers. …”

“Successfully handling end-user bloopers requires technical know-how, finesse, and above all professionalism. It’s also a key quality for IT support leaders. … Regardless of the environment you’re operating in, the following 10 tips can help you turn your next customer mistake into a positive experience.”

It’s a great post for any IT pro – have a look.

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One Comment on “Tips for handling end-user blunders with finesse”

  1. Calvin Sun Says:

    Ben, thanks for your comments. I like your scope of material that you publish.


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