Wubi – the painless and easy way to dual-boot Ubuntu

For some time now I’ve been wanting to delve into Linux, both for resume points and for a software dev environment  I tried Slackware and found it a little difficult to configure for a total newbie.  I’ve been thinking Ubuntu would be a good one to start with; its autoconfig is very good and it requires very little as far as setup is concerned.

Enter Wubi.  I read about Wubi on TechRepublic and gave it a try.  I must say, I’m impressed with how hands-off it is.  I know that would drive most Linux nerds nuts, but it’s great for someone who is used to plug-n-play.  I downloaded the installer (http://wubi-installer.org – less than a meg) on my Win XP laptop and fired it up.  In less than an hour Ubuntu was installed on a (virtual?) partition with a dual-boot scenario.  I booted to Ubuntu and was able to get things usable (I’m writing this post on Ubuntu) within another 30 or 45 minutes.  I still have some stuff to work out (for some reason, my wireless card doesn’t fire up right at first – I have to go into the settings, delete the old settings, and reenter them before it gets going.  It’s probably something I’m not doing right though.

I just can’t describe how painless this is for someone with some good skills in configuration of other OSes.  At any rate, Wubi gets a high recommendation from me for anyone who wants to run Ubuntu in a dual-boot scenario.  I would imagine it would be an excellent way to deploy Ubuntu as an optional desktop environment in a corporate setting.

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2 Comments on “Wubi – the painless and easy way to dual-boot Ubuntu”

  1. JLdv6125se Says:

    this program is very cool. I used it when I first found out about it. it was really easy to use. I was not really having much luck finding drivers for my wireless card so I decided to uninstall. If you want to mess around using Linux use this program to install it.

  2. […] those of you using Windows your best bet is to use Wubi (which has already been mentioned). The main advantage is that you don’t need to partition your disk. Most default windows […]

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