Introducing myself

Hello this is Mark Rosedale. So Ben asked me to write some posts on this blog about open source and Mac topics. I am really excited about the opportunity to share information and insight that might be helpful to your everyday computer needs and maybe get you to step out of your comfort zone from time to time.

So here is a little bit about my background. I started out in computers back in high school where my computer teacher was building our school’s network and computer lab from scratch. Now I am not that old, but at the time the internet was still pretty new and knowing how to use the internet was a learned activity. I remember my teacher showing up to class and telling us to get online and purchase the following: computer processor, computer motherboard that will go with the processor, computer case that fits the motherboard, and lastly hard drive. That was all the instruction he gave us. When the parts arrived he gave us a windows 98 disk and wished us luck. I tell you that story because it epitomizes my experience and ethos in the technology world (and perhaps to a lesser degree the open source ethos). Do it yourself is my motto. I am completely self-taught in IT.

My first professional job working in IT was while I was in grad school. I was hired to run the Fine Arts technology lab at Bob Jones University where I oversaw Windows and Mac machines. It was at BJU that I started to fiddle with Linux, but never formally supported that OS. After BJU I graduated and moved back to my hometown were I was hired by the University of Illinois working for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. I was specifically hired there to do Mac support at first and soon after found myself doing full on Linux support including (DHCP, email, file services for unix and windows, Linux cluster and many more). I currently reside in Boston MA where I work for O’Reilly Media as a systems administrator doing Windows and Mac desktop support and Windows and Linux server support. You may recognize O’Reilly for their many technology books (  I am now starting my 5 year of professional IT work.

So now you know about me and now I want to know about you. I would love to hear in the comments what people would like to know when it comes to open source/Linux or Mac technology. The floor is yours. Let me know what you want to hear about and I’ll try to touch on those topics in the weeks to come.  I will also post news stories, from time to time, as they relate to IT or open source and I hope that they will lead to great discussions.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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