Open source hardware?

On the issue of open source most people think of software, but there has been a growing trend towards open source hardware as well. Today I caught a very interesting article on Wired about Arduino. The article does a very good job at pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of using an open source business model for hardware, and has multiple examples (with some notable exemptions).

If open source intrigues you as much as it intrigues me than you should check out the wired article.

Here are a few more links to projects and resources around open source hardware.

P2P foundation is an excellent place to start finding open source hardware.

OpenMoko is an open source cell phone that has been around for a while. I am looking forward to seeing this product develop.

Daisy MP3 player looks very promising. Essentially you could build your own MP3 player just the way you like it.

And of course the already mentioned Arduino looks very promising.

I had already been following some of these products and look forward to seeing the development of open source in the hardware market. We are already seeing home fabricating printers and eventually the technology might be present where you could designed, tweak, and make all of the components in your home. The DIY pieces seem to be falling in place and fortunately most of them are already open source allowing you ultimate freedom.

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