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If you build systems or fix them, you occasionally will have to buy parts.  As this is a hobby of mine as well as a vocation, I am very interested in finding the best parts for the best price.  And today I want to put in my plug for newegg. 

The amount of equipment I have purchased from Newegg is significant for a small-timer (I think it may be around $3,000 or so).  And on the various orders I have made, I found them to be consistent and inexpensive, with top-notch customer service (the one order I did have an issue with – which, by the way, was UPS’s problem, not Newegg’s).

All this to say that their site is fast, their processing is accurate and quick, their prices are basically the best out there for retailers (sign up for their newsletter to get the best deals), and their service is the kind that makes me proud.  If you don’t get their newsletter, you should.

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2 Comments on “Thought of the day –”

  1. mrosedale Says:

    Hey I would second that notion. A funny story from when I was at the U of I. We did a lot of server purchases through Dell. We had noticed that when you compare the price that dell charges for SATA drives to NewEgg Dell is charging almost $150 more for the same hard drive. Now when you just buy one server not a big deal, but I was purchasing a file array (16 drives). Yea do the math…so I was going to purchase virtually an empty array and fill it myself. I talked to the Dell rep and gave him links to NewEgg. Not 20 minutes after I sent the email he responded with, “lets drop the price by $2000 to make that NewEgg thing disappear.” I could tell from his tone that they get that a lot.

    I was also at a local computer shop once looking at computer parts. When I mentioned NewEgg he said he can’t compete. He doesn’t know how they get such good prices. So Yes NewEgg is the place to get it!

  2. bfpower Says:

    Yeah, tell me about it. We are a Dell company and I have found that paying 60-100 bucks extra for one additional gig of RAM (that they probably paid $10 for) is a little crazy.

    I had to come to the conclusion that with Dell, you are paying for the warranty and for the convenience of using their services. Which, admittedly, I have found to be pretty good.

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