Is Microsoft arrogant or is Vista really more secure?

So Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report is on the streets.  And out comes their newest interesting claim – third party applications are killing Vista’s security.  My first thought is that this should make the list of the top 10 (or maybe 100) most arrogant thing I have ever heard MS say.  Then I thought more about it, and realized that it may carry some weight.

Ninety-six percent of the attacks compromising Vista machines come through non-MS plugins and browser mods such as toolbars (why anyone would want a commercial toolbar, I don’t know – it’s one of the great computing mysteries to me).  Only 6% come directly to the OS or other MS software (such as IE).  This is a serious change from XP, on which some 42% of attacks target Microsoft products.

I personally think that the Vista security revamp was a good thing.  And I can’t pretend to understand all the factors that go into why attackers aren’t attacking MS software.  But it’s food for thought.

Just a reminder – watch what you download.  Learn how to properly uninstall software if you don’t know how.  If you only use that Super Web Search toolbar once each year, uninstall it.  Take any trial software off the computer after you’re done using it.  And make sure you’re running good antivirus software (Kaspersky is the one I would recommend at this point). 

Thanks to ZDNet for bringing this interesting information to attention.

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