One of the things you need to know about IT work

So, if you read my seven-part series this April titled “So You Wanna Break Into IT,” you read about some of the things I appreciate (or things I felt you need to know) about IT work.  Today was a good example of oddities of the IT world.

My job is primarily as a desktop support technician.  I’m an onsite one-man Help Desk, handling tiers 1 and 2 on our desktop issues virtually singlehandedly.  And the crazy thing about that is – when nothing is broken, I have very little to do.  In fact, today nothing broke.  I had some other projects to work on for some of the day, but my supervisor’s rule is that when you don’t have issues to take care of, you are free to do what you want.  What a great boss.  But the catch is that just because I wasn’t busy during the DAY doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy all evening.

My job description tells me I am responsible for moving PC equipment.  What wasn’t in that description is moving everything else that users have at their desks (but I end up doing that anyway).  As a result of a recent reorg, we are moving most of our 100 users this week.  And I’m not complaining – the OT pay is great around the holiday season.  But I (along with our network administrator and our maintenance technician) are spending most of our evenings this week moving stuff and testing PCs to see if they will connect to network resources properly after being moved.

So I  don’t mind that much – as I said above, the pay is outstanding.  But I just find it ironic that I spent most of my day not busy (although it was important that I be there just in case something went wrong), and spent my whole evening working hard.  Such is the life of IT staff from time to time.  One of the uniquenessses of the field.

Any strange things about IT work you want to share?  Leave me a comment.  Or if you want, send it to me over email – bfpower at g m a i l dotcom and I will consider “syndicating” it on the blog.  Just put something eye-catching and non-spammy in the subject line.

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3 Comments on “One of the things you need to know about IT work”

  1. mrosedale Says:

    I had the exact opposite happen to me once. I was recently hired at my new position and O’Reilly was hosting a conference they wanted video taped. So I went to tape everything and was paid OT to do it. Even though I was on the clock I was able to partake in the festivities. I found myself drinking with my CFO and others it was quite fun, but I thought about it later and realized that isn’t common either. Drinking up with the CFO at a company sponsored event while on the clock. Oh one other funny thing is that O’Reilly is mostly known for Open Source advocacy, but one of the main sponsors of the evening was Microsoft which was giving free beers to everyone at the event. Just about everyone thought that was ironic given the fact that almost everyone there avoids MS products.

  2. bfpower Says:

    The irony…. MS providing free beer to O’Reilly, the free (as in speech) software advocates. Perhaps they’re trying to make inroads? I have been reading about some of the possibles for Obama’s CTO, and the thought of Ballmer running government tech (which uses a significant amount of open source software) is odd. I think they’re trying to get rid of the corporate badguy image.

    I think that sponsored events part of some companies’ culture – there are a lot of copmanies out there who try to break the traditional image of company events. I had a friend who worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and they had some fairly … umm…. interesting company parties. My company would probably not advocate that – usually our company-sponsored events are pretty traditional.

  3. mrosedale Says:

    Yea it seems that most of what O’Reilly does is pretty unconventional, but that seems to be their signature and forte 🙂

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