Gaming console for the winter, what should I buy?

So I usually just write about Open Source and Mac, but Ars had a good article on gaming platforms and highlights the difference. I can speak as an early Wii owner that console is awesome. Of course I am a pretty casual gamer that occasionally finds himself wanting to play a bigger game. It was the best deal at the time as well, both PS3 and Xbox 360 were well over the $250 that the Wii cost. I will admit though that Wii makes a much better party console than a gaming one (though there are some big/fun titles that came out for Wii).

So now comes my question for you. I am considering getting one of the other, more serious, consoles. My reason is that my wife is currently in school taking evening classes so I have some extra free time on my hands (hence why I am writing this article).

So Xbox is plays all the big titles and has quite a few that you will only find on it (though most of those I have no desire to play). The price is really good, cheaper than my beloved Wii. And I like the controls and such. I have played quite a bit of Xbox so I feel comfortable with it. I have heard of some hardware problems on the Xbox.

Now the PS3 is still close to the cheapest Blue-ray player. And since that format won out I feel confident purchasing one (though I have to admit I really don’t watch that many movies and own, maybe, 10 DVDS so the blue-ray player isn’t that compelling. Still I have to admit it would be a nice feature to have especially since most of the titles I want to play are on this console). Of course it is more expensive for the console, but offers some neat features that the Xbox doesn’t.

So the types of games I like. I like all types, from Oblivion to Call of Duty 4. So any thoughts out there? What would you recommend? What do you like/dislike about your console.

Oh and that is not to knock the Wii. I love it, but I think I am ready to purchase something else…we’ll see.

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One Comment on “Gaming console for the winter, what should I buy?”

  1. bfpower Says:

    I would go with the 360, personally. While Wii is a great concept, some of the games just seem underdeveloped. And in my mind, the proliferation of great Xbox titles wins me over. Even in this age of graphics, gameplay is still king of the video game world – this is one reason why emulators are so popular. Some people would rather forego the graphics and still get the great gameplay of Chrono Trigger or even games like Dr. Mario. Anyway, all that to say that Xbox’s games are better developed and more robust, so I would rather have that.

    A notable exception, I think, it Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 on Wii. That’s a great game if you like golf.

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