YouTube goes to widescreen format

Last night, when I was on YouTube, they had the usual default aspect ratio.  If a widescreen video was uploaded, it displayed in letterbox.  Today, however, I found something different. 


Does this signal the death of the “standard” aspect ratio?  The site serving perhaps the most media content on the Internet has decided on widescreen as their default (and thus a “sideways letterbox” for standard ratio content). 

I personally am not totally used to widescreen yet, but then again, when I was growing up, a 20″ TV was big.  Now, people don’t even want to play games on a 20″ (I bought the 22 for my gaming and recording studio ‘needs’).  I’m starting to appreciate widescreen, though.  All that said, I am not here to rant, but simply to express fascination over the cultural implications of this minor shift.

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One Comment on “YouTube goes to widescreen format”

  1. paulsanduleac Says:

    yeah, i saw this too

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