Cool Vista sidebar gadget

I was surfing my TechRepublic daily emails today and I found this “top 10 Vista sidebar gadgets” article.  It’s been a while since I did a Vista post, so here’s one.

According to the download website, this widget uses the Google translation back end to perform a “gisted” translation of:

* English to/from Arabictranslator
* English to/from Chinese (Simplified)
* English to/from Chinese (Traditional)
* English to/from French
* English to/from German
* English to/from Italian
* English to/from Korean
* English to/from Japanese
* English to/from Russian
* English to/from Spanish
* English to and from Portuguese
* Chinese (Simplified) to/from Chinese (Traditional)
* German to and from French

Although I love the performance-related gadgets, I thought this one was cool.  I have found myself running over to more than I would like to, so this widget would be great to have if you are a multilingual IMer or emailer.  I know my wife IMs with her friends in Brasil, and could probably use a translator that will do Portuguese to English and vice versa (this one does).  Here’s a download link:

Maybe a good Python project for me would be to integrate this technology into an automatic translator – grab the text of an IM and put it directly into a translator.  Maybe even start with an open source IM client and make a new version of it that provides an automatic translation in a separate window.

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