Canada fighting bad copyright law

I’ve written before about copyright, and copyfighters. In the end it is my belief that the DMCA law in the US does more harm than good both to the consumer and the creator of content. I also think that it serves to quell culture. The most worrisome fact is that big content is pushing for even more draconian laws than what the DMCA already grants and it seemed that Canada was poised, until this group fought out, to pass this more draconian set of rules.


Again Techdirt has a good article pointing me to the video created by Michael Geist about how and why Canada fought against the government from introducing a draconian DMCA-like bill in Canada. If you are clueless as to why copyright matters in today’s society this video is a must watch.

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2 Comments on “Canada fighting bad copyright law”

  1. bfpower Says:

    This goes along with a conversation I had this week with a fellow named Jeremy. He is a copyright analyst for a music management company who owns the lyrics to a song I wanted to distribute a derivative work of. He was, to keep it relatively unoffensive, a total jerk (not because of the answer he gave, but because of the way he gave it).

    It was one of those situations where copyright law actually discourages creation of music because as he put it, under no circumstances would they ever grant me any kind of license for a derivative work.

    Over the course of our conversation, it became very clear to me that the “music business” as Jeremy sees it is entirely about business and not at all about music. How disgusting this is to me as a musician!

    It may be legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Under the guise of “protecting the artist,” they protect their pocketbook. I am glad for folks who are fighting for a more modern, comprehensive copyright policy.

  2. mrosedale Says:

    I feel for you Ben, Derivative work is the backbone of society, but since copyright gives “Absolute” power to the creator it impedes innovation and society. As far as I understand it copyright was only meant to be a temporary monopoly to encourage the publication of work. Now it is becoming a welfare program for big business (as often the creator gets very little benefit from it). Maybe I would think differently if that were how I was making my money, but honestly I don’t think so.

    Did you watch the whole video? It was long, but very good. A sounding board of sorts, but well thought out and representative of many sides and facets. Well worth the watch.

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