Dentyne print adds


I now find myself riding the T into and out of work. It takes about an hour and costs me nothing as my company pays for it. It is a win win for me. 0 cost 0 emissions, 0 hassle (okay maybe a little hassle). Of course there are always advertisements up, but these caught my eye. Now of course I love technology, and use it every day of my life, both personally and professionally. But these adds strike and interesting chord in my heart. In some ways I do feel that while Technology gives us more avenues to communicate, we cannot forget about our in person relationships. Somewhere we do need to take the time and give a hug, like the friend request add, or practice the “original voice mail” by talking to someone. Technology can never replace that, and never should.

Of course I am not saying that we should stop using technology because it is cheapening relationships and ruining sociability (in fact I would say just the opposite, it is enhancing relationships and increasing sociability). I actually had lost touch with Ben since college, but since facebook we have reunited and now I write posts on his blog. Our relationship wouldn’t really exist save technology, and in fact, because of technology, it is closer now than it was back in college. But I think sometimes we need to take a step away from the screen and utilize our in person relationships and these adds did a good job to remind me of that.


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