SimplifyMedia even on your iPhone

I am always on the hunt for free cross-platform tools. Simply put I don’t have the money to toss about for every little thing, but I also can’t depend on one OS throughout the day. At home I may only have Linux, but at work I have Apple and, if it is a tool that others may use, Windows might be needed as well. So I really like programs that support all three OS.

Again going back to my friend in Korea, up until a few months ago if I got new music I would just have him over and he could listen to it and vise versa. Now space and time difference limit us from doing this. Another case is at work I don’t want all of my MP3 files filling up a work computer, so streaming would be a better option. Enter SimplifyMedia. Not only does this support Windows, Linux and Mac, but it also supports the iPhone. It is a pretty compelling piece of software. On windows and Mac the installation is a breeze and in minutes you can access your library from any other computer you own. It limits you to 30 outside invitations, but that should be plenty for your close friends. Streaming works perfectly as well. I was able to stream, with almost no buffer delay, from my friends computer in Korea. There are Linux install instructions, though I must admit that I haven’t set it up on Linux just yet.

The only draw back to this is that it only works through iTunes (win, mac) and Rhythmbox (Linux). I would love to see this work with the before mentioned songbird or banshee, but the current music players work perfectly well. Hope you’ll give it a try.

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