Mother of all Demonstrations (The Dawn of the Computer Age)

SFGate has an interesting story about a demonstration 40 years ago called the “Mother of all demos.” Stanford is also running the story equipped with videos. Essentially this was the first demonstration of a personal computer, one small enough to actually fit in your house. The concept was so new and revolutionary that it wowed the audience to standing ovations. It is a great article especially if you like history as much as I do.

I tend to take computers for granted. The personal computer has always been around in my lifetime, though I do remember the early stages were rough in the 80’s. And while I remember the internet in its infancy it grew so fast that I tend to forget a time when it was not there, or when it was revolutionary. If you are a Digital Native like myself (more on that in the future) than this is a great article to read so you can get a little history behind the great innovation of the computer age.

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