Marshmallow Fluff website – a good entry point

So, in my quest to pass my beastly 6-credit Web design course, I have developed another analytical superpower – the ability to critique websites upon first visit.  No really, the ability to analyze what I’m looking at on a page and identify strong points. 

Don’t ask how or why I ended up at this site, but today I had my first ever visit to the home of all fluffy white goodness –

In the course, there is considerable discussion of what constitutes good site navigation.  When I came across the Fluff site, it was a creative example of one of the major components of good navigation – “the user should always know where he/she should click.”  See below.



Good stuff.  Actually, the site seems to have pretty well-made navigation.  It is very branded, and of course I wouldn’t make mine just like it, but for the product it advertises, it is well done.

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2 Comments on “Marshmallow Fluff website – a good entry point”

  1. Christina Says:

    Very Creative! Um, how and why did you end up on this site? ; )

  2. mrosedale Says:

    This stuff is the best for fudge!

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