Cool gadget gift for your aspiring air guitarist

One of the interesting things about technology as it matures is that the toys get better and better.  A huge segment of the technology and electronics field is devoted to making toys.  I will pass on the opportunity to poke fun at our social condition and why we are so dependent on playthings, and simply skip to the toys.

My friend’s wife got this for him for Christmas.  It was one of the cool “fun” gifts that I saw this year.  Really not very geek-esque (or maybe it is!), but it’s a great way to apply simple technology in a marketable way.

Use the comments to refer any other interesting techno-gifts you saw this year.  If they are cool enough we will feature them in a post.

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2 Comments on “Cool gadget gift for your aspiring air guitarist”

  1. Hello bfpower,

    I have always refrained from using the word “cool” being the old-fashioned girl that I am, but taking a close look at it, I find it is as old-fashioned as I am!

    Jazz clubs musicians made popular the word “cool” in the 1940s. It was redefined by beatniks and hippies of the 50s and 60s, after which, surfers caught it, passing it on to the rappers and techno geeks.

    So, I guess I’ll just have to agree and say, “Wow! That is COOL!”

    Thank you for your comment on “He Bare the Sin of Many”. I was very impressed and pleased. You are the first male to visit and comment on my blog!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. bfpower Says:

    =) I was not aware of the distinguished history of “cool.” Thanks for the comment!

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