Demise of the Hard Drive, yea if this product comes to life

So I recently wrote a post refuting that 2009 will be the demise of hard disk drives. Some people in the comments said that my head was in the sand and that eventually SSD technology would take over. My answer to that is absolutely. I don’t deny the future possibilities of SSD technology. My point was that storage limitations mixed with astronomical price and vaporware precluded 2009 from saying good by to HDs. I do think we will see, in 2009, increase use of SD technology and prices will likely start to decline. 2009 may be a turning point, but as I see it it will be a turning point that will still take some time. Of course 2009 could still shock me. If products crop up that are compelling and well priced I could be proved wrong at which time I’ll gladly admit my fault.

Enter this product. Of course right now it is total vaporware, but if SanDisk makes good this totally nullifies my argument about storage limitations. To be honest 2TB seems far too much for me. Their target group with this tech is mobile devices. Seems to me that 2TB would be hard to fill if you were a movie director much less an average consumer. While the iPhones 8 or 16 GB may seem on the low side 2TB is off the charts on the high side. So honestly this would have to be very reasonably price for me to purchase it, but it is still compelling and will be interesting to watch.

Techdirt ran a good article about SanDisk’s offer noting that storage seems to be heading towards the cloud. I already do this for my iPhone with the already mentioned Simplify Media. With this app as long as I have cell coverage I can stream music from my home server to my iPhone; of course I still sync some music directly in case I have no coverage like my long trips on the T. Ultimately that is where I see computers and hardware heading. Our machines will need to do less and less as more and more is being done through server farms. Look at Google Apps or Windows Live. You’ll still want some things local, but more and more can be stored on remote servers for universal access.

I think the future will be a hybrid between HD , SD and cloud computing, at least my future will likely be this way. I couldn’t give away at least one large screen (larger than 13 inch) computer in the house and I like having my own server for storage (both using HD technology), but I also really like our netbook and adore my iPhone (both using SD technology). They all have their purpose and place, none are perfect, and none are absolute replacements for the other. 2009 will be one thing…it will be a fun year to watch technology evolve.

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2 Comments on “Demise of the Hard Drive, yea if this product comes to life”

  1. bfpower Says:

    Sweet product! But like you said, it’s a lot.

    Here’s my thing. I’ve been talking about this with Christina on and off, and I don’t know that smaller is necessarily better. For instance, why haven’t movies started being released on MicroSD? They’ve got plenty of space, and they can be watched on a mobile phone as well as on a computer.

    I think a possible reason is that people won’t be able to keep track of them. Sounds odd, I know, but larger disks and streamed files are both easier to keep track of than penny-sized cards.

    Just a thought.

  2. mrosedale Says:

    I do think that size plays a role. There is a fine line between DVD, microSD, and Laser disk (ok so the line isn’t so fine because laser disks were just far too huge but you get the idea). The target audience of this technology is mobile devices. There size does matter and the smaller the better. I have a phone with a microSD slot and anything larger would have taken away from the phone. If Apple ever gets its act together with the iPhone and includes an SD slot I could see them going for something like this. I am wondering, though, about servers. I don’t know what the performance is with that size of a card, but on a server if these were fixed to the device smaller would be better. Fit in as much as you can. Sounds good to me (again only if performance were up to par).

    But I agree that for distributing things in bulk this would be bad (ie movies or music). You would just lose them or something.

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