Rock Band with a real guituar

Okay for you Guitar Hero fans it could be Guitar Hero with a real guitar (though Rock Band is clearly better ;-). This will be pretty exciting to watch. My undergad was in Music Education, so I can’t help but think of the many great applications this has for educators, both with the immediate application with the guitar and future application with many other instruments. It was the logical next conclusion to take the idea of a fake guitar and make it real.

Speaking just from a musical standpoint both Guitar Hero and Rock Band score a lot of great musical points. They do a particularly good job at teaching rhythm, even on the guitar, as well as motor skills necessary to learning any instrument, so I shouldn’t downplay the usefulness of the games currently in existence. This new offering just allows the concept to be fully realized. Instead of kids, and adults, bragging about playing a plastic guitar the end result can be bragging rights on a real guitar, I don’t see any harm in that. If you watch the video they say they are going to come out with a Mac and PC version, though the guitar it comes with is only half size (Disney is funding so go figure). They do say that you can use just about any guitar with it that you want.

Like I said this will be interesting to watch.

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