Competition between Linux and Windows 7 It’s a good thing.

So around here we are devided. I typically look at Linux and Mac issues and Ben does Windows. I certainly like to poke fun at Windows guys from time to time and I can take the heat back, but in the end I think all of the OS have their place and I use them all interchangeably. The Register has an interesting interview with Mark Shuttleworth (the creator of Ubuntu) talking up how good Windows 7 is and that he likes the competition. It is a good article, but not necessarily expected. After all you would expect the creator of a direct competitor would bemoan a good OS and talk down features and functionality. Mark even talks about how Windows 7 will be a compelling competitor on netbooks, where Linux has thrived. It is good to see someone realistic about this whole debate, and someone looking forward to the competition. From the article:

In fact, Shuttleworth believes a good version of Windows will end the current phony war between Windows and Linux in the high-growth netbook market and reignite the fight on features and capabilities.

I tend to agree here. Windows XP is quite old and while it is a solid and good OS (much better than Vista imo) it is starting to look and become stagnant. It is showing its age. However, Vista was too much for the low powered netbooks to handle so the battle between Linux and Window’s latest product has been on hold. It is time for Windows to duke it out on the battle field to see who wins. This will be quite a challenge for Linux/Ubuntu to overcome. It is obvious that the uptick in Linux and Mac adoption is a direct result of the Vista boondoggle, so it is hard to predict what will happen to the shifting market numbers if Windows 7 is a success. Part of me wants to see Redmond go down in flames and the other part of me can’t seem to let it go. But regardless of my personal preferences competition is always a good thing. As 3 major competitors are starting to emerge on an ever shifting and diverse market they have to strive to innovate, and that is good for all of us.

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  1. noactive Says:

    Competition between Linux and Windows 7 It's a good thing. .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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