Windows XP installation error 47872

Today I replaced a hard drive on a Dell Latitude D630.  I booted from the XP SP2 cd (an OEM Dell CD), and received the error 47872 and a prompt to press a key to exit.  I didn’t find a lot on a quick Google search, but someone out there mentioned to try a different CD.

I checked the CD and there was a fingerprint and a scratch on it.  I tried a different CD in better shape, and it worked flawlessly.  Thought this might help you if you see the same error.

That begs the question – are there really 48000 errors that can happen in Windows XP setup?  Scary. =)

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14 Comments on “Windows XP installation error 47872”

  1. mrosedale Says:

    48000 and that is just the ones that they have information for. What about the many “Unknown” errors. Or generic errors. Wow.

  2. mrosedale Says:

    see non-tech a$$holes talking… 48000 errors …. hahaha… don’t get scared muthfucxas… this is just an error code and not a serial number of error.

  3. bfpower Says:

    First, I would be careful to do your homework before accusing either of us of being non-technical. We both make our living in the IT sector. In addition – I fix XP problems every day, and I hold an MCP in installation and configuration of XP. Hardly a noob. I am sorry you missed the fact that my statement was tongue-in-cheek. We professionals like to poke fun at MS’s idiosyncrasies (there are certainly enough of them), be I do respect Microsoft for the tremendous impact they have had on the world of technology.

    I leave the comments open to facilitate constructive discussion. Please keep the language professional – this is intended to be a resource for professionals, not trolls. Any more non-constructive comments and I will just start removing them.

  4. Hayley Says:

    Thank you so much for your help (the professionals!) I had the same error code come up when trying to format a Maxtor SATA 200gb Hard Drive in a Dell Dimension 9150 and simply followed your advice by using a different disc and it worked perfectly. Thanks!! Hayley. x

  5. bfpower Says:

    All right! Glad that it could be a help. Oddly enough, this post is one of the more popular ones on the site as far as daily hits, so it sounds like you’re not alone. Thanks for the comment!

  6. DonBG Says:

    Unbelievable! The tech-jarg that clutters the web on this issue and it was a simple as a smudge! Yes, after reading your post I checked the disc for smudges. They were there. I cleaned them off and I’m not off and running. Thanks!!

  7. Jweeks Says:

    Same error same problem. I cleaned nthe smudge and works great. it is the simple problems that get you

  8. Jackie Says:

    A SMUDGE! Who-da thought – Phenonmal! Great catch! Thanks for this site! VERY helpful!

  9. bfpower Says:

    Thanks Jackie! We’re glad to know this post is still helping people!

  10. Sue Says:

    I wiped my harddrive on my Dell 9300 Inspiron and tried to reinstall XP (I have about 6-7 OEM install disks for various Dell computers here, so I wasn’t sure which was the original install disk for this computer. I’ve tried all the disks, though, and occasionally I get error 47872, and other times it gets all the way to the “press Enter to install XP” and then the computer turns off completely. I took it to Geek squad to check the hardware and they said it was in good condition but I didn’t want to spend the extra $130 for them to install XP. Any suggestions?

  11. bfpower Says:

    Hmm…. I do know that error 47872 indicates that Setup can’t read from the disk. Often (as above) this indicates a problem with the disk itself. But it could also be triggered by another problem related to reading the disk.

    If you’ve tried your OEM disks on another computer and they work there, I’d suspect the CD drive or some related hardware is the culprit. Here’s what I’d try:

    First (if you haven’t already) I’d try one of the best-looking (least smudged/scratched) disks in another computer, if you have one available. If it works there, the disk is fine.

    Then, if you have access to an external USB CD drive, I’d try hooking that up to your laptop and installing from that with the disk you just tested. That could be a start, anyway.

    I’d also recommend Experts Exchange ( They have some excellent forums. You do need to sign up in order to ask questions, but they have limited free accounts available. You could search there first, then post if you’re still having trouble. Their “points for answers” model is a bit difficult to learn if you haven’t done that kind of thing before, but it’s worth it for the excellent service you get.

  12. Sahra Says:

    This worked! I had no idea that disk got so dirty.

  13. Joe Says:

    I had my Dell Inspiron E1705 at an angle on the bed while getting this error. I put the laptop flat and it went away.

  14. Jim Johnson Says:

    A SMUDGE! Who-da thought – Phenonmal! Great catch! Thanks for this site! VERY helpful!

    What He / She said.

    I will add the disc worked fine on my desktop before cleaning but I cleaned it anyway just to see if it would now work on the laptop and it does.

    Once again Thanks to All.


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