Phones, Phones and more Phones

I like to discuss phone technology. I believe we are at a point in time where the price for data plans is low enough and the need for phones to do more than just dial a phone call has been reached. I think the iPhone has played a significant role on both fronts. First they created a phone that allowed people to do all the things they could possibly dream of doing and secondly got, at least ATT, cell phone carriers to create data plans that were affordable and virtually unlimited. Now you know that I settled on the iPhone after seeing the G1. Deep down I really would rather have a more open/opensource phone, but wasn’t too pleased with the G1’s first offering. Now it seems that there are more competitors coming to the market.

First there is now a second Android smartphone announced. One of my problems with the G1 was that it was boxy and ugly, not that I require the sexiest phone out there, but hey wouldn’t it be nice? This Android phone looks to fix some of those problems. Beyond that details are sparse, but as far as the OS goes Google seems to be picking up the pace a little bit. Actually if you take the time to look there are some very cool apps for Android that won’t work on the iPhone, but so far nothing that would justify a switch.

The second phone is the Palm Pre. This phone has been the source of some major buzz, partly because it looks and works about as sexy as Apple’s iPhone, but also because it utilizes the touch interface Apple has been threatening lawsuits. Details are now emerging including the fact that the OS is based upon Linux. The application framework looks to be pretty sleek as well. All in all I look forward to the launch of this phone and hope that Palm’s app store will be a little more open than Apple’s.

Still no word about when the Palm Pre will be released or by what carrier, and the second Android looks to be in Europe right now, but it shouldn’t be too long before there are some very inspiring choices here in the states for smartphones. I’ll keep you posted on my findings. I am still hoping to get my hands on a G1 before too long.

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