Going with streaming not DVR

So I have been debating the DVR vs. Streaming for a while now. I have decided that for now I am going to install Boxee and see how well I like it. So far it has been all talk on my part. I do a lot of streaming, but I haven’t been using my tv or dedicated box. So tonight is the night. I am installing Boxee and will give it a run. I’ll write a post about it when I get a chance.

My reason behind the move is that so much content is online. I watch way too much tv as it is so being able to record old shows and such for later viewing only fosters too much tv viewing. There is plenty of new content being created and I can stream all of that. Of course this Summer I may reverse course when there are only reruns.

Anyway here is an interesting link from Ars about statistics of tv viewing. The two sectors that grew the most were DVRs and online viewing. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I think all of these are good trends and hope they continue to grow.

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