10 things that make Win7 better than Vista

Here’s a great synopsis of some of the improvements in Windows 7.


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3 Comments on “10 things that make Win7 better than Vista”

  1. mrosedale Says:

    I’m still not sure I am convinced, but that is ok. I wish Windows 7 well.

  2. bfpower Says:

    I totally understand; I’m not convinced yet either, though I’m interested. I do know that if I am still in the support field when 7 rolls out, I will be glad for the improvements. Our business systems are hooked on MS products right now, so I don’t expect to be able to go away from Windows anytime soon.

  3. mrosedale Says:

    Funny just yesterday we were counting how many windows laptops we have in my office. Ready for it? 1 that is it, now there are 4 or 5 windows desktops, but only 1 laptop. And of course that person is going to switch :-). Quite funny. There is a chance that before I leave the company the Cambridge office will only be using Mac…I think the CA office will have lingering Windows for a while though.

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