A blog worth reading – Calvin Sun

I don’t usually promote other blogs here, but I keep going back to this one.  Calvin Sun is one of my favorites – his wisdom in relating basic common sense to work situations is commendable.  A great example of his skill at teaching business and life principles in very accessible form can be found here

I discovered his work through his Tech Republic posts, but he has been published other places as well (such as ComputerWorld).  He hasn’t been posting much on his blog lately, but the collection of articles on there is still well worth your time.  The link to his site is on my blogroll, or you can simply click this link:


You can read his bio on his personal web site here:


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One Comment on “A blog worth reading – Calvin Sun”

  1. bfpower Says:

    Just a note – just received word that Calvin has a new blog (which would explain the lack of recent posts on Succeeding At Work. The new blog address is http://calvin-sun.blogspot.com

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