Apple updates the desktops (pricing)

Finally Apple has updated their desktop lineup including the Mac mini. It looks like a pretty good lineup. The Mac mini is the most significant as it was starting to stagnate until today.

If you ask my opinion I say the iMac is about the best price point of any of the Macs (including laptops). Sure the Mac mini starts at $599, but that doesn’t include a monitor or other accessories. If you buy the Apple displays you are really talking about $1000 or more machine. Since the minis use mostly laptop hardware it isn’t upgradable and it isn’t all that fast or performance heavy. But the iMac starts around $1200 (or did, I can’t get Apple store to load and they may have raised the price). That price includes a display and has significantly more power than the mini. The Mac Pros are awe inspiring, but very few people in the world need that much power. Really it is a shame, because I would prefer a desktop that I can upgrade and take apart myself, but Apple feels the need to make this luxury start at $2500 and have more capability than what an entire movie studio would need (and don’t forget that price I mentioned doesn’t include the display).

I’ll mention the laptops here as well. They are nice, but the old models (and the new ones aren’t much better) made you choose between price and screen size. Most computer manufacturers have high end models and low end models with multiple screen sizes. It stands to reason that a larger screen would cost a little more, but Apple takes that to a new level. What I couldn’t understand was that the difference between 13 and 15 by weight was less than .3 ounces and the thickness of the 13 was greater than the 15. So practically speaking the 15 made more sense, but cost well over $500 more.

All in all that is why I go back to the iMac being the best bang for your buck. Truly that is where all of the logic gods aligned at the same time with Apple execs to create a truly perfect machine at a perfect price.

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