My thoughts on Google Chrome’s performance

I resist change in some arenas.  Sometimes, I would rather have familiarity over functionality.  Such is the case in my Web browser usage.  I still have IE6 installed on most of the computers I use.  This is mainly because my company does not use IE7 due to app compatibility issues, but even if they did, I still appreciate IE6’s advantages over 7.  I have used Firefox enough to work well with it, and used Opera or Konqueror on the very rare occasion, but haven’t felt the need to change my default browser.  So I resisted the urge to use Chrome until my curiosity got the better of me.

I want to mention the performance pros and cons I have found with Chrome.  I will save my review of the interface and concept for another post.

Two things become immediately obvious about Chrome.  First, its startup time is virtually nil.  Internet Explorer can never claim that; rarely is IE fast enough for me.  So, my first real issue with IE is gone, and I’m happy.  In addition, load times are small and run time is fast in every respect.  

While I’m on the subject of performance issues, I like to listen to music on YouTube.  IE at work currently takes about 10-15 seconds or so to start the video.  I had thought that it was something related to the network, because at home I don’t have that problem.  But when I started using Chrome, the problem went away totally.

I have only had one issue with Chrome’s performance thus far.  Again, this one is with YouTube.  I listen to music, but I don’t always watch the video.  If I minimize the window during playback of a video, there is a very brief break in the sound.  It’s not a real problem, but it’s a bug I’d like to see fixed.  It doesn’t have an issue when I’m switching tab to tab; it’s only when I minimize or restore the window.

Another issue I have had (although it’s not performance-related) is that some sites are configured to check the userAgent and deny access to the site for anyone not using a “compatible” browser.  I wish they would just let me on so I can see if it works.  This has really only happened with one site for me, but it’s our company’s time-clock application (KABA Web Clock), so I access it at least twice a day, most days four times.

So all in all, I really only have one or two complaints.  The performance speed is terrific.  If nothing else, try it just for that.  Later on, I will write more about Chrome, especially about the peculiarities that make it unique.

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3 Comments on “My thoughts on Google Chrome’s performance”

  1. tammie Says:


  2. mrosedale Says:

    I really have a problem when websites check the user agent. I would say if you don’t support an OS or web browser great, but if I can get it work why purposefully block me. If I contact you and say I am using Chrome you can turn me away, but all too often, particularly with video they purposefully block you…why? I am getting it a lot because I am using a beta version of FF.

  3. bfpower Says:

    I agree. I am 98% sure that the site will work (really, all that happens is that the form submits the info to a server-side script. It shouldn’t be extremely complicated Javascript on the front end, so any modern browser should work. My only concession is that it’s a time card site, and if there WERE a problem, it would be a my word against theirs situation as to my times. And I probably wouldn’t find out until much later.

    Oh, and the worst thing about Chrome that I’ve found – mandatory popup blocker. Lots of sites use popups, and they are necessary for some sites to work properly. You can use a command-line switch to turn it off, but then you have no popup blocking for any sites. Wouldn’t it just be better to have selective blocking? It’s not new technology.

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