Citigroup? Red Hat? ????

Citigroup considers acquiring Red Hat?  That is the most wretched thing I’ve heard in a while.  Check out the TR post for more information, and to vote in a poll who really should buy Red Hat (or if no one should buy it, which is what I voted).  

Red Hat’s stock currently runs close to Microsoft’s in value, and if you’re a regular reader of technology news, you already know that Red Hat is arguably the biggest and most famous Linux company.  Its products are especially famous in the datacenter for speed and stability in the server environment.  Citigroup, on the other hand, is one of the more heckled stocks out there, currently under three dollars a share.  Why?????  Why would such a poor company want to buy such a successful one?  More so, why do they feel they won’t run RH into the ground the way they’ve run Citigroup into the ground?

Honestly, if anyone buys Red Hat, it should be a technology company first and foremost.  Red Hat is a highly innovative product and needs to be managed by people who understand innovation.  Also, it needs to be managed by people who understand how to sell and market a large-scale product to large-scale businesses.  Not that Citigroup has no experience with this, but I feel a company like Oracle or IBM would be a better fit.

All the same, Red Hat has done a terrific job of creating, selling, and supporting a terrific product, and I don’t see any reason they need anyone’s help.

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