In the end, IT support…

…is all about the business.  We exist to enable business.  It’s pretty easy to get off course on that.

There are other segments of IT that deal in large ways with process change, compliance, and executive planning.  They guide the business in some ways, and we support folks should have some feedback to them, letting them know where processes are hitting walls so they can do their jobs.  But in the end, keeping a “serving” mindset is just another part of our job description.

I’m curious for insight you readers may have.  Let’s hear your thoughts.


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One Comment on “In the end, IT support…”

  1. mrosedale Says:

    In all of my jobs as IT support I am the least important and the most important. They don’t realize how important my role is until something breaks. But in general my job is to be invisible. If they don’t need me or realize I am there than my job is being done right. Get them up and running and get out of there way. However, sometimes non tech people miss obvious things. So I try to voice my opinion or concerns where possible. For instance I had a research group that was looking at a data explosion. The old solution was to buy the cheapest thing and hope it keeps them over till they could afford something else. I convinced them that they needed expandability and that the extra price for a drive array was worth the money.

    So yea serving is the main thing IT support does, but they have to let their voice be heard otherwise bad things can happen as a result.

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