MS releases driver code for Linux… for MS

Microsoft recently released code (some 20,000 lines) for inclusion in the Linux kernel.  However, look a bit deeper…  They’re all about the M$.  So it has to be capitalistic.  Keep reading and you find that the drivers make it possible to run Linux on HyperV, MS’s new toy in the server market.  Here’s a good summary of how it looks right now:

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One Comment on “MS releases driver code for Linux… for MS”

  1. mrosedale Says:

    I saw this and thought it was interesting. The Linux people tend to have a hard time getting behind anything MS, they are viewed as the great evil. Indeed I have a tendency to distrust, but in this case even if MS did so to possibly make money through virtualization it cannot be a bad thing. It makes Linux more versatile (a bunch more than MS already) which will make it more valuable. On one end MS could have saved them the trouble knowing that the Linux community would have fixed this problem if needed, and on the other hand MS is finally realizing that Linux is a valid OS.

    Honestly MS is so far behind on virtualization that I doubt it will make much of a difference. It is still landmark.

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