Teens don’t tweet?

I saw this as a trending topic recently.  It’s true, I don’t follow any teenagers on Twitter, but that’s because most of the younger generation (even the <30 crowd) I see on TT and the public timeline mostly post obscene or useless information – which, furthermore, tends to be filled with grammatical errors and misspellings.

Here’s a thought.  Social media like Twitter is text only.  Yes, you can link to other things, but it’s harder to simply spy on people like you can on Facebook so easily.  It’s information-based, like the Web was originally supposed to be.  I like it that way, because that’s life in the 21st century.  But it’s possible that the medium itself is a little more conducive to business use and adult interaction.  Thoughts?

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3 Comments on “Teens don’t tweet?”

  1. Sam Sutter Says:

    yeah, i’m curious – i hear stuff about the average age on facebook skyrocketing and I wonder whats the next thing? – i don’t think it’s twitter for teenagers.

  2. bfpower Says:

    Honestly, real life is still one of the best social networks out there. I think people will continue to meet new people and hang out/txt/call to communicate.

    But I wonder if the web-based tools might end up in a holding pattern for a little while before something new hits. Like you, I don’t think it will be Twitter. It’s not entertaining in the same way youth-oriented tools are.

  3. mrosedale Says:

    I was actually in a conversation with someone recently and talked about twitter. The person dismissively said that twitter skews young. I pulled out the study that said exactly the opposite and he tried to ration it away.

    I think a lot of it is that it isn’t flashy like myspace. Honestly even FB skews old. I recently had my newphew at my house for a bit. He is in HS, Sophomore. He just, and I mean just, joined FB, but has used Myspace for years. We also had a long conversation about why Twitter was dumb. It was kind of fun to watch. But I realized that he uses myspace much like I used AOL back in the day…sharing pics and chatting with people. Twitter does not make either of those things easy. But today I don’t have a ton of time to sit on an IM client and chat with people. Twitter extends the conversation and puts it on my time table. As an adult I like that.

    Anyway I have a few people I follow under 30, but not too many under 20 or so. Most of them are at least college grad age or better.

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