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As we come up on two years…

December 17, 2009

Next month will be the two-year anniversary of the beginning of this blog.  It’s been a good run.  We have consistent hits on some of our most popular posts, with total hits in five figures.  Mark set the record for most hits in one day, landing us on the list of fastest-growing blogs, and I had a paid article offer from The Daily Yonder.  Yet, for both of us, it’s time to take a break from publishing in this particular venue.

The upside is, we’ve accomplished the goals of this particular blog, which were 1) to chronicle a journey through the information technology world, and 2) to provide  resources to help accomplish the tasks fellow travelers encounter.  As of now, there are several topics we have covered that are visited quite frequently (see the links above), along with two years’ worth of collected news, opinion, and fixes.

I’ll now be turning my focus toward completing my capstone project in software development, followed by a transition into the software development field.  Mark is busy with graduate studies in computer science and other independent software projects.  On top of those things, we both have family and work…

So if you’ve been following long-term, thank you – we’ve enjoyed it, and we hope you have too.

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