About me

My name is Ben Power, and I am a technology specialist in Dillon, Montana.  I specialize in troubleshooting all things Windows-related, Microsoft Office, and generalize in “getting the computer to do what you want it to do.”  I hold several IT certifications, including Microsoft Certified Professional, CompTIA A+, Project+, and Network+ certifications.  I service all of Beaverhead County and would be willing to expand into Silver Bow County.  My services include:

  • general technical support for program installation, program removal, and new computer setup
  • design and setup of home and small office networks (wired and wireless)
  • spyware/malware removal and anti-virus/firewall support
  • custom computer building and repairs

My focus as a consultant is on quality – quality of customer service as well as quality of technical service.  I strongly believe that both are absolutely necessary in order to properly serve you.

My current rate for onsite support is $35 for the first hour, with a total minimum charge of $35 per incident.  After the first hour, the charge is prorated.

For service, please contact me at 406-988-0156 or bfpower@gmail.com


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