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Giving thanks

November 27, 2008

So most of us Americans are off work today (if we have international readers, get back to work!).  We take a day to celebrate and give thanks – a tradition which originated with some of the early American colonists.  I’m not sure if we Americans started the tradition of massive overindulgence in honor of holidays, but we may have perfected the art of gluttony.  =)  And although we do eat a particularly special meal (it smells wonderful as it’s cooking), I plan to enjoy it while being moderate.  It helps me avoid gluttony at this time to remember those who are eating a few cups of rice today (because it’s all they have).

I don’t usually get personal, political, or religious on this blog.  I will attempt to maintain this policy for the most part, though I think it difficult to give thanks without considering the ultimate question of origins and Deity which forms the philosophical bedrock our lifestyle (including gratefulness).  I personally (and I don’t mind that much if you think differently) am grateful for life, which I credit to God.  I am thankful for God himself – for his companionship and for the change He has brought about in my life.  I am thankful for my wife and child, and for my extended family.  I am thankful for technology and my career in it.  I’m thankful for music and the opportunities I have to be involved in it.  I am thankful to be among the most wealthy people in the world, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to give to those who are less wealthy.  I’m also thankful for video games, which I intend to indulge in today.  This is just a few things from my list.

Whatever your reason for being thankful and your mode of celebration, let’s enjoy the day and keep in mind a quote I found last year – “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.”


Help me win this scholarship!!!

August 11, 2008

OK, I haven’t written in a while – I’ve been very busy.   One of the things I have been busy with is this video.  Watch and rate on YouTube.  The more views and ratings I get, the better my score.  The better my score, the more chance I have of winning.